European Green Lean Association helps in development with modern tools and processes


Green Lean is a combination of Lean Six Sigma development model, the three principles of Sustainable Development and tested and well working project management tools.


EGLA membership gives organizations an advantage in organizational development and in the international markets.




Green Lean model is a combination of three known best practise models for development. The base comes of Lean Six Sigma, that has been for decades the development model for the top companies globally. It is used in different forms by companies like General Electric, Toyota, Nokia, Stora Enso, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Ford etc. + thousands of smaller developing companies.


Green Lean training meets the criteria of ASQ (American Society of Quality Code of Conduct) and other international certification bodies as set internationally for Lean and Six Sigma.


In the Green Lean model we have added and widened the view points and tools of Lean Six Sigma. Deming's circle's PDCA -model is working as the backbone when the processes and the functions are defined and estimated looking for the improved operational value and operational excellence also from sustainability and development best practises points of view. This brings added value in development. Typically Green Lean development brings 15 – 40 % better results and R.O.I. than traditional Lean Six Sigma based development.


In the EGLA Board of Directors group we have both development consultants and representatives from organizations that have used Green Lean in their development projects. This is to ensure, that our members receive constantly the latest and the best knowledge and materials for their development. Our selected EGLA Partners are in use when some of members need external help. Our developers network is growing day-by-day and all our partners speak several languages.


The EGLA Certified Partners have both done development projects themselves and trained others in the concepts.



EGLA is a non-profit organization where our consulting partners are committed to help our other members and to participate in development projects when needed. They also help in developing the Green Lean tools and methodology further.


That is why we can affirm, that our members receive continuously developing tools and knowledge.


Our members have access in to our intranet, where you can always find the latest, updated materials. In the intranet you can find f.ex:


Tool bank of proven, tested development tools

Information about different development projects done around the globe

E-learning programs for basic Green Lean levels. With these an organization can train f.ex. the participants for the development projects.

Links to information from other development professionals

Direct contact information for EGLA Partners globally

Access in EGLA organized trainings with major discounts

Information about trainings arranged by our partners

We cover our organizational costs solely with membrship fees and royalties from our partners, so our membership fee is decreasing through increased number of members. For the period of 2019 – 2020 organizational membership is 1000,- euro / year. This includes user rights for one main user (with full membership rights including participation with voting rights in annual meetings) + 10 students. Additional user fee is 50,- euro/ year/ user. An individual memebership fee is 100,-/ year including rights for all materials for one user.


EGLA or EGLA partner trained Green Lean specialists or Green Lean Project Directors receive the membership for a year for free.



If you require any additional information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.